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Destiny 2 is getting a major ability refresh later this month

Destiny 2’s upcoming season 15 and next year’s expansion, The Witch Queen, remain a mystery to players ahead of Bungie’s…

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Platinum Games Resurrects An Over 30-Year Old Series With Sol Cresta

Platinum Games’ chief game designer, Hideki Kamiya, penned a PlayStation blog post today unveiling an unexpected sequel to Moon Cresta…

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Pokémon-Esque Monster Crown Exits Early Access And Comes To Consoles October 12

Monster Crown is a neat little RPG that shares more than a few things in common with Pokémon. The presentation…

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Pokémon Go’s biggest players call on Niantic to restore pandemic bonuses

The campaign pressing Niantic to re-implement Pokémon Go bonuses and concessions made for social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic gathered…

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Back 4 Blood Beta Gameplay With The GI Crew – New Gameplay Today Live

It’s that time again, friends, a new Back 4 Blood beta is here, and we are going all-in when it…

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This Xbox Series X Halo Infinite-Inspired Wireless Controller Looks Like A Needler And We Need-ler It

Bad puns aside, the latest controller creation from Pope Art looks like the perfect grab for any Halo fan. This…

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch gets a season 2

Star Wars: The Bad Batch — Dave Filoni’s animated spinoff following seven seasons of The Clone Wars — will return…

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Switch Sales Top 89 Million, Exceed Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3’s Numbers

With over 89.04 million units sold, Switch is just 12 million units shy of eclipsing Wii (at 101 million units)…

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The Great Ace Attorney’s voice actors share a lot with their characters

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles shows main characters Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba getting off at a train station in…

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Open Roads Studio Co-Founder Steps Down Following Toxic Workplace Allegations, Issues Statement

Fullbright co-founder Steve Gaynor has departed his position as creative lead on the studio’s new game Open Roads following allegations…

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