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New Google Nest Cams can record video without a monthly subscription

New Nest Cams. The indoor/outdoor, battery-powered (or wired) Google Nest Cam with battery. The new doorbell. This is the indoor-only…

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Dyson’s Omni-glide Stick Vac Leaves Your Broom in the Dust

Dyson has carved out a pretty unique niche in the higher end of the home appliance industry. The company has…

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Critical Cobalt Strike bug leaves botnet servers vulnerable to takedown

Enlarge / You did a bad bad thing. Governments, vigilantes, and criminal hackers have a new way to disrupt botnets…

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Microsoft’s Windows 11 outreach efforts aren’t going very well

Microsoft Program Manager Aria Carley answers Microsoft Tech Community users’ questions about Windows 11 upgrades once the new OS version…

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Google+ class action starts paying out $2.15 for G+ privacy violations

Release YouTube, you beast! Who remembers the sudden and dramatic death of Google+? Google’s Facebook competitor and “social backbone” was…

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How to Build a Solar Oven

Ever heard that old phrase “It’s hot enough to cook an egg on a sidewalk”? It seems like hyperbole (and…

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The State Department and 3 other US agencies earn a D for cybersecurity

Cybersecurity at eight federal agencies is so poor that four of them earned grades of D, three got Cs, and…

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Citizen’s New Service Helps Paying Users Summon the Cops

Citizen, the app that tracks local crime and lets users film incidents as they happen, has launched a new subscription…

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Apple begins selling Touch ID-equipped Magic Keyboard, new Mac Pro GPUs

Apple’s new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. Apple Here’s the numpad variant. Apple And here’s a cheaper model without Touch…

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Google will kill off very old versions of Android next month

Enlarge / Delicious gingerbread Android cookies. Google has started emailing users of very old Android devices to tell them it’s…

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