Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence ids the demand of the time and Today we all are moving towards the AI. In this century end we will be mostly depending on AI.

Scale your Amazon Kendra index | Amazon Web Services

Amazon Kendra is a fully managed, intelligent search service powered by machine learning. Amazon Kendra reimagines enterprise search for your…

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Why Many Enterprise Chatbots Fail — A Study

How many of you guys have heard about this term? Do you agree that earlier the culture was just meant…

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OpenAI GPT-3 tricks and tips

All chatbot testers are dreaming of two buttons. One for detecting all problems of a chatbot, and another one for…

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Using Transfer Learning with Word Embeddings for Text Classification Tasks

When we are working with computer vision tasks, there are some scenarios where the amount of data (images) is small…

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Reimagine knowledge discovery using Amazon Kendra’s Web Crawler | Amazon Web Services

When you deploy intelligent search in your organization, two important factors to consider are access to the latest and most…

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Best robotics and innovative tech we’ve seen at the games so far

2020 Olympics: Best robots, autonomous vehicles and more Toyota’s artificial intelligence-powered humanoid basketball player CUE may not be a an…

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Create a very smart chatbot with BlenderBot

Photo by Arseny Togulev on Unsplash Released in April 2020 and created by Facebook, BlenderBot makes a super-chatbot. In other…

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Whitelabel Chatbot Partnership — How to invest in automation?

It’s the start of a new decade bringing on a multitude of changes in the way our daily lives function.…

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‘Workbots’ to boost manufacturing process efficiency

Chatbots are digitizing various business processes across industries. To stay ahead in the market competition, it is crucial to adapt…

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Enghouse EspialTV enables TV accessibility with Amazon Polly | Amazon Web Services

This is a guest post by Mick McCluskey, the VP of Product Management at Enghouse EspialTV. Enghouse provides software solutions…

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