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Which person should you hire: A growth hacker or a digital marketer? – TechCrunch

Ward van Gasteren embraces the “growth hacker” term, despite the fact that some in the profession prefer the term “growth…

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Founders must learn how to build and maintain circles of trust with investors – TechCrunch

Founder and managing partner at Ripple Ventures, Matt Cohen is a business operator turned early-stage investor. Having founded and…

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A blueprint for building a great startup founding team – TechCrunch

What to look for — and what to avoid Sudheesh Nair Contributor Sudheesh Nair is CEO of ThoughtSpot, a business intelligence…

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John Deere buys autonomous tractor startup Bear Flag Robotics – TechCrunch

In the world of robotic startups, acquisition is often as good an outcome as any. And when it comes to…

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How Learning About Entrepreneurship in My Grandfather’s Orchard Planted the Seed for My Career

As a child, I was fortunate to have two great men in my life. My grandfathers taught me everything I…

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Do bronze medals ever make sense for unicorns? – TechCrunch

Last week, Deliveroo made news when it announced it was preparing to leave the Spanish market. The recently-listed Deliveroo couched…

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Allocations sees a world where myriad, smaller private equity funds are the norm – TechCrunch

This morning Allocations, a fintech startup building software to help smaller private equity funds form and operate, announced that it…

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3 invaluable founder lessons I learned on my immigration journey – TechCrunch

Mustafa Bayramoglu Contributor Mustafa Bayramoglu is the founder and CEO at Preflight. Previously, he was the software architect and the…

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Avoid these common financial mistakes so your startup doesn’t die on the vine – TechCrunch

Free yourself to be a founder Swapnil Shinde Contributor Swapnil Shinde is the co-founder and CEO of Zeni, the first…

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Did You Forget the Ketchup in Your Marketing Strategy?

August 5, 2021 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Recently, my family and I headed…

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